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Past Diploma Students

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Agapitos Vassilis
Parametric Study of Leg Robot and Experimental Evaluation of Foot Actuation Using Artificial Muscle (DEAP)
Alexopoulos Giannis
Integrated Methodology for Workpiece Production on a T&SSee-axes CNC Machining Center
Anagnostou Kostas
Simulation and Data Visualization Using 3D Grahics with Application to an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (UAV)
Andreou Stelios
Development of a Reactionless Mechanism for Satellite Antenna
Apostolopoulos Makis
Implementation, Control and Experimental Evaluation of a Remotely-controlled Underwater Vehicle, Propelled by an Oscillating Foil
Bartzeliotis Kostas
Kinematic Analysis and Gravity Compensation for the Master Arm of the SARCOS Telerobotic System
Charitos Giorgos
DEAP Modelling and Control
Chatzakos Panagiotis
Industrial Robotic Manipulators: Analysis, Programming and End-effector Design
Chatzidimitriou Christodoulos
Control and Application of Servohydraulic Systems
Cherouvim Nicholas
Parametric Analysis of a Dynamically Stable One-Legged Robot and Energy Autonomy Maximization
Christodoulakis Dimitris
Servomechanism Model-based Control Computed by a neural Network
Dimitropoulos Chryssanthos
Desing and Implementation of Wireless Communication of Microcontrollers on Controlling a Microrobotic Mechanism
Dimopoulos Thanassis
Design, development and control of a mechatronic device for soft tissue mechanical properties identification
Flessa Thalia
Modelling, Control and Programming of a Robot for a Planar Space Emulator
Fragkos Giannis
Trajectory Planning Methods for Underactuated Nonholonomic Systems Subject to Integrals of Motion
Georgiadis Marios
Modeling, control and stability of a haptic device with one degree of freedom using force feedback
Hasparis Giorgos
Servomechanism Control System Design with Friction Compensation
Kalgreadis Aris
Development of Image Processing Algorithms and Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) for the Localization Process of the Space Robot Emulator
Kaliakatsos Giannis
Pressurised CO2 Propulsion System Design and Motion Control for a Space Robot Emulator
Kapageridis Spiros
Inverse Engineering, Kinematic Study and Re-operation of the SARCOS Electrohydraulic Telerobotic System
Kasmas Alexandros
Design and Development of an Autonomous Track-driven Robotic Vehicle
Kostaki Theodosia
Over the Internet Control of an Experimental Electromechanical DC-DC Motor Setup Using a Stepper Motor - Microcontroller System
Koustas Giorgos
Myoelectric Signal Processing and Identification for Driving a Shoulder Exoskeletical System
Koutsoukis Kostas
Development of Modelling and Simulation Environment and Experimental Evaluation of a Legged Robot
Leventakis Nikolaos
Analysis and Design of System for Harnessing Wave Energy
Klaidi Lika
Design and Development of a 5-axis Force/Torque Sensor
Makrodimitris Mihalis
Microcontroller-based Drive Design and Internet-based Control Implementation of a Nut and Screw Servomechanism
Maniotis Dimitris
Design and Control of Experimental Electromechanical Devices
Markopoulos Stefanos
Development of an Educational Interactive and Multimedia Application, Implemented on DVD, for Use in the Areas of Electromechanical and Mechatronics Systems
Machairas Kostas
Design and Development of Electical and Electronic Subsystem and Real Time Programming of a Space Robot Emulator
Dimitris Myrisiotis
Gaits Parametric Study of a 4-Legged Robot Using Hildebrand Diagrams
Misailides Mihalis
Mobile Robot Systems Development and Improvement for Navigation among Humans
Nikolakakis Alexandros
Papadopoulos Giorgos
Energy Pumping in a Underactuated Controlled 2 DOF System
Papadimitriou Iakovos
Modelling, Design and Control of a Portable Washing Machine during Wringing
Papadimitriou Vassilis
Design and Control of a Centimeter Scale Vehicle under Drive, Sensor and Microcontroller Constraints
Papadimitriou Dimitris
Motion Methodologies for the Avoiding non-Holonomic Constraints on Microrobots
Papaioannou Gregory
A Study of Parameter identification and Adaptive Control for Robotic Systems in Space
Paraskevas Iosif
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Target Capture by a Space Robotic System Using the Center of Percussion
Patsianis Giorgos
Analysis and Design of a Two DOF Exosceletic System for the Lateral and Ventral Abduction
Poulakakis Giannis
Analysis and Control of Robotic Manipulators Mounted on Nonholonomic Vehicles
Roditis Giannis
Application Development for the 3D Motion Visualization of Robotic and Multibody Systems in OpenGL
Sideri Elena
Development of a one DOF Haptic Mechanism and an Experimental Study of Haptic Recall
Stergiopoulos Panagiotis
A Study of Force Feedback for an Endoscopic Simulator System
Theodorakis Labros
Analysis and Development of a Magnetorestrictive Sensor for Blood Clotting Measurement
Tsamis Alkiviadis
Design and Implementation of an OpenGL/C++ Real-Time Graphic Environment for a Urological Operation Training Simulator
Tsigourakos Petros
Design and Implementation of Video Streaming Feedback System for a Teleoperated Underwater Vehicle Propelled by an Oscillating Foil and Experimental Evaluation of its Propulsion
Tzeranis Dimitris
Design of a Small Underwater Vehicle Propelled by a Controlled Oscillating Foil
Zafiris Thanassis
Modelling and Experimental Parameter Identification of an Electrohydraulic Servomechanism

Past MSc Students

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Abatis Christos
Parametric Design and Optimization of AUVs
Andreou Stelios
Satellite Dynamics Using a Reactionless Rotational Appendage and Study of Impact in Fuel Minimization
Champas Giannis
Exploration from LEGO robotic vehicles using Java and communication with a computer and between them
Chasapis Pantelis
Force control of one d.o.f. haptic system in simulation of soft tissues
Chatzakos Panagiotis
Design, modelling and control of experimental electrohydraulic servomechanism
Dailianis Vaggelis
Manipulation Methods and Systems in Micro and Nano Scale
Davliakos Giannis
Analysis, Design and Control of an Electric Driven Stewart Platform
Douskas Sotiris
Design and Development of a Camera Crane and Image Processing Algorithm for Monitoring the Motion of Robotic Fish
Elpiziotis Errikos
Control of a laboratory electromechanical system of AC-DC motors via internet
Felekis Dimitris
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Signal processing for a laser interferometric device, aiming at identifying piezo-actuator dynamics
Gonalakis Elias
Assessment of opportunities and use of motion analysis system
Grevetzakis Manos
Analytical and experimental research of measuring systems of fast response
Grigoriou Vassilis
Design and implementation of a fully interactive multimedia material, in an DVD application, for use in the area of electromechanical and mechatronic systems
Iliadis Nikos
Parametric analysis of tracklaying robotic vehicle design and upgrade of a controlled experimental tracklaying vehicle with sensors
Kallitsis Nikos
Design and Development of Optical Sensors System for Localization and Attitude Determniation of Rigid Body
Kontolatis Ioannis
Position Feedback for the Optical Driving of Space Robot Simulator
Kostaki Theodosia
Design and Development of Electrical Circuits Laboratory Devices using Modern Teaching Approach
Koustas Giorgos
Design and implementation of a processing system of multiple myoelectric signals for the motion control of shoulder joint
Mavrokefalos Kostas
Development of a symbolometric array of λ/2 accuracy and identification of dynamic behaviour of piezoelectric transducers
Mougiakos Kostas
Implementation of autonomous microrobotic's control system using PIC microcontroller
Nanos Kostas
Path planning technics for non-holonomic systems with applications in land and space vehicles
Papadimitriou Alexandros
Educational tele-interactive multimedia network application, in interaction with selfmoving robotic platform
Papadimitriou Vassilis
Construction and control of a centimeter-scaled vehicle with drivers' constraints, sensors and control computer
Papaioannou Gregory
Adaptive control of a space robot with multiple arms
Paraskevas Iosif
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Development of system with optical sensors for the localization of a planar robot
Poulakakis Giannis
Obstacle Avoidance and Nonlinear Control of Nonholonomic Mobile Manipulators
Psarros Dimitris
Analysis, Design and evaluation of reaction wheel for planar space simulator
Psychogios Nikos
Dynamics, Control and Specifications for AUVs
Roditis Giannis
Application Development for Writing Control Gains and Re-establishment of Pressure Control of the Electrohydraulic SARCOS Teleopareting System
Sakalis Giorgos
Orientation Definition of 4-legged Vehicle in 3 Dimensions and in Real Time
Samantas Kostas
Piezoelectric elements in microrobotics: Theory, modelling, design and measurements
Soulis Gerasimos
Design and implementation of wireless communication circuits, driving and control
Spartali Iliana
Parameters Recognition and Control of Microrobotic Platform
Tegopoulou Anastasia
Motion Determination of Rigid Body from Inaccurate Measurements
Tsalidis Paraskevas
Evaluation of an IMU and Feedback Using Extended Kalman Filter (EKF)
Tsamis Yiannos
Upgrade of virtual environment for urological operations simulator
Tsampas Petros
Interaction and Sensors Calibration for Digital Control of the SARCOS telemanipulator
Tsifakis Alexandros
Design of the mechanical subsystem of a planar space simulator using air bearings
Zafiris Thanassis
Experimental parametric identification, evaluation of model a

Past PhD Students

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Chatzakos Panagiotis
Parametric analysis and systematic design of legged robots
Cherouvim Nicholas
Dynamics and Control of Robotic Systems with Legs
Davliakos Ioannis
Model Based Control of a Hydraulic Driven Stewart Platform
Repoulias Akis
Control of Underactuated Underwater Robotic Systems
Vartholomaios Panagiotis
Modelling and Control of Microrobotic Systems
Vlachos Kostas
Design, Implementation, and Control of a Low-force Haptic Device for a Medical Training Simulator



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