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Photo Mechanical Engineer - Research Assistant
Location: Building M, Basement, Room -104
Phone: +(30) 210-772-2643

Zisos Mitros was born in October 1992. He received his Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA) in July 2016. 

His Diploma Thesis concerned the modelling of impact docking between a robot and a satellite and the proper control of a manipulator so that the latching be successful every time. For his work, a robot with a manipulator under the influence of an external force at its end effector was modeled. An impedance controller was created and the proper selection of impedance parameters for a desired response of the manipulator was studied. Also, a first CAD design of the capture mechanisms was presented that can be used to run future experiments so that the validity of the theory proposed to be evaluated. Parts of this work were presented in two conferences, ‘13th Symposium on Advanced Space Technologies in Robotics and Automation ASTRA 2015’, that was held in the Netherlands and the second one at the ‘24th Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation’ that was held in Athens, Greece in 2016. Currently, he is working as a research assistant in the Control Systems Lab . He has been assigned an extension of his previous work, which is going to result in a submission in the upcoming IROS or a publication as a journal.

Research Interests

 Modeling, Design and Control of Robotic Systems, Mechanical Design, Dynamics & Control, Contact Dynamics, Mechatronics

Ongoing Work
 Design of an impedance controller for NTUA's space robot emulator

 Design of capture mechanisms to simulate the docking phase in OOS mission

Past Work
Obligatory military service in the Greek Armed Force

 Research Assistant, Space Robotics Group, Control Systems Lab, NTUA

 Research Assistant at ESA's project 

 Tutor, Preparation of students for entrance into highest and higher education

 Undergraduate Research Trainee, Control Systems Lab, NTUA

 Design of a High Pressure Hydraulic Circuit

 Public Relations & Fund Raising Group Leader at Prom Racing NTUA FSAE Team

Mitros, Z., Paraskevas, I., and Papadopoulos, E., On Robotic Impact Docking for On Orbit Servicing , IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation, 21-24 June 2016,   Athens, Greece.

 Paraskevas, I., Mitros, Z., and Papadopoulos, E., “On Inertia and Stiffness Effects During Impact Docking,” 13th Symposium on Advanced Space Technologies in Robotics and Automation, (ASTRA ‘15), ESA, ESTEC, 11-13 May 2015, Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

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