National Technical University of Athens - School of Mechanical Engineering
Control Systems Lab
Evangelos Papadopoulos Research Group

Mechanical Engineer - Research Assistant
Location: Building M, Basement, Room -102
Phone: +(30) 210-772-3512


Research Interests

  Mechatronics, Control Systems, Robotics, Mechanisms, Mechanical Design


Ongoing Work

 Development of a modular ‘stepping locomotion’ system for installation on subsea trenching machines used for subsea energy cable burial. (Research Funding Program: “HexaTerra”, European Commision)
Research on the design and construction of the mechanical movement hardware.  

 Design and construction of an experimental setup for actively controlling the impact response of smart sandwich structures.  


Past Work

 In my Diploma Thesis I developed a 5-Axis Force/Torque Sensor. The sensor is used by the controller of the quadruped robot of our Lab, in order to measure the ground reaction forces.