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[2] Demonstrate the use of DEAP material as artificial muscles in legged robots
  • Initated by: Danfoss Polypower
  • In cooperation with: Ν/Α
  • Reference Name: Innovation Contest 2010
  • Period: September 2010 - December 2010
  • More Information: N/A


[1] On-Orbit Servicing Test Module
The Young Engineer's Satellite (YES) programme, as all the other activities in the Education Projects Division of ESA (see below), offers students the possibility to obtain practical experience in real space projects and to enhance their motivation to work in the field of space technology and science, thus helping to ensure the availability of a suitable and talented workforce in the future.
The objective of this module would be to demonstrate the feasibility of a semi-autonomous robot that would test on-orbit servicing requirements such as approach and path planning methods, inspection techniques, satellite docking procedures and hardware replacement. Carried to orbit by the YES3 satellite, the module would consist of two main components: a mock-up satellite and a free-flying servicing robot.
Our team was shortlisted among the six best proposals, for further reviewing. Unfortunately the contest was cancelled before the next steps take place.
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