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 Phone: +(30) 210-772-3512    Michalis Makrodimitris PhD Student   
      Giannis Kitsos Undergrad Student   
      Ioannis Aliprantis Undergrad Student   
 - Robotic Fish            
 - 5m Glass Water Tank            

The scientific research focuses on biomimetic underwater robotic vehicles. The thrust of these underwater vehicles is caused due to oscillating fins (in contrast with today underwater vehicles which are propeller-based). Robotic fish are proved to be more efficient and easier to be controlled in low velocities. In our lab a prototype biomimetic robotic fish has been designed and coded. The fish moves with the help of a small maxon dc motor. A close-loop position control is implemented with the help of a microcontroller. It carries a small camera and has the ability to transmit video-streaming. The range of the angle and the oscillation frequency of the tail fin, as well as the direction of the fish can be controlled with the help of a GUI (graphical interface) and a transceiver.






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