Design and development of a dynamic positionning system for the platform “Delta-Vereniki”

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Reference Name: Delta Vereniki, Period: 2008
The project aimed at the dynamic modeling and the practical implementation of an autonomous dynamic positioning scheme, i.e., the stabilization of linear and angular velocities as well as the position and orientation, of a floating sea triangular platform. The required, closed-loop force and moment must be provided by T&SSee rotating pump jets, located at the bottom of T&SSee partly submerged cylinders at the corners of the platform. With this control configuration the platform is overactuated, i.e., it has more control inputs than degrees of freedom. A control allocation scheme that allows goal realization without violating T&SSuster capabilities was developed.
More Information: NESTOR insitute for Astroparticle Physics, Information and Video from Personal Page of Dr. Vlachos