Identification and Assessment of Existing Terrestrial Micro-systems and Micro-technologies for Space Robotics

Initiated by: European Space Agency – ESA
Reference Name: 22110/08/NL/RA, Period: 12/2008-8/2009
The project entitled “Identification and Assessment of Existing Terrestrial Micro- systems and Micro-technologies for Space Robotics” has been initiated by ESA with the objective of (i) identifying and assessing terrestrial mature Micro-System Devices (MSD) and Micro/ Nano Technologies (MNT) for possible integration in space Automation and Robotics applications (A&R), (ii) identify A&R components that may benefit from the introduction of MSD and MNT and (iii) introduce MSD and MNT in selected space A&R applications with the aim of creating low-cost miniature systems with the same or augmented capabilities.
More Information: European Space Agency (ESA) – Robotics & Automation