Smart Piezomechanics


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– Custom impact testing configuration with position-controlled pendulum
– Amplifier for piezoelectric actuators
– Shaker and impact hammer for dynamic excitation of structures
– High-speed camera for vibration amplitude measurement
– NI Compact Rio embedded system with Labview FPGA
– Various commercial and custom modules for Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting

Multifunctional composite structures with piezoelectric sensors and actuators combine the excellent mechanical properties of composite structures with the additional capabilities to sense deformation and stress states and adapt their response accordingly. They have regained increased research attention in the last decade, since they can be combined with embedded microcontroller systems, whereas the use of composites has greatly expanded, mainly in the aerospace industry. In this context, the group is involved in modeling and experimental verification of the dynamic response of systems including composite materials and piezoelectric transducers. Our main current activities focus on: impact response of sandwich composite structures with piezoelectric sensors, vibration energy harvesting by connecting piezoelectric sensors to external circuitry, active control of free-vibration response of composite structures by means of piezoelectric actuators, and autonomous sensor wireless data transfer.



Selected Publications

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Smart Piezomechanics
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