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Evangelos Papadopoulos Research Group

Availble positions

Students interested in writing an undergraduate/master thesis or a PhD thesis under the supervision of Prof. E.G. Papadopoulos, are kindly requested to contact with him via email, telephone or in personal.

Research areas include among others (particular subjects can be
arranged after discussion):
Model development and control of advanced technological systems
Mechatronic design
Control of the telerobotic system SARCOS with 10 d.o.f. of high efficiency
Control of robotic fish
Space and underwater robots
Microrobotics and micromechatronics
Development of computer-controlled electromechanical systems
Control of non-holonomic systems
Control of non-linear systems
Control of robots and mechatronics systems based on Lego Mindstorms
Development of multimedia DVDs for robotics/mechatronics/machines

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