Laboratory Equipment

The laboratory is equipped with a large number of state-of-the-art machines, that assist the educational job as well as the research work of the lab. Every year new tools are added to increase our capabilities. Among other equipments the laboratory has (the list does not include the hardware resources developed specific for the projects, a complete list you can find in the projects section):


  • Many PCs and Macs
  • Software among other: Matlab, Mathematica, Solidworks, ADAMS, LabVIEW, Multisim, Ultiboard

Electromechanical Systems

      • Torque-speed measurement systems (DC-generator/DC-motor and AC-generator/DC-motor)
      • Servomechanism setup

Electronics and Test Equipment

  • Capability of programming microcontrollers such as PIC, AVR and PXA
  • A number of power supplies, oscilloscopes, wave generators etc.
  • Complete set for the production of prototype PCBs

    Optical Equipment

    • Laser interferometer (300nm)
    • Video microscope
    • Phasespace motion capture system with 8 cameras
    • High Definition Camera (1080p)
    • Fastec HiSpec Low-Light High-Speed Camera (up to 112k fps)

    Mechanical Workshop

    • A large set of tools for machining
    • Test Equipment such as Torque Meters, Inclinometers etc.
    • A CNC HAAS Minimill
    • VersaLASER – Laser Cutting, Engraving & Marking system


          • PZT Amplifier
          • XYZ nanopositioning stage

      For the complete list of tools feel free to contact us.