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Cryptocurrency Blockchains Don’t Need To Be Energy Intensive

Bitcoin’s proof-of-work protocol is only the first among a range of creative possibilities

How the Financial Industry Can Apply AI Responsibly

This IEEE playbook puts principles into practice

For precision, the Sapphire Clock outshines even the best atomic clocks

Breakthrough oscillator could set the pace for quantum computers

China Tries To Solve Its Rocket Debris Problem

Warnings aren't enough, but reusable rockets might be

Study: 6G's Haptic, Holographic Future?

Possibilities and challenges for future 6G communications networks

Why Does the World Harbor So Many Different Voltages, Plugs, and Sockets?

Blame it on the varied evolutionary history of electric power grids and the products that have grown up alongside them

White-Hot Blocks as Renewable Energy Storage?

Thermal batteries could be the cheap and simple option

A Century Ago, the Optophone Allowed Blind People to Hear the Printed Word

The optophone turned letters into tones and was the proof of concept for optical character recognition


How the Financial Industry Can Apply AI Responsibly

This IEEE playbook puts principles into practice

What’s Going on With Amazon’s “High-Tech” Warehouse Robots?

Amazon describes these as high-tech autonomous vehicles, but the technology looks like it’s already out of date

Video Friday: Telexistence

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

Rocket Mining System Could Blast Ice from Lunar Craters

A concept competing for a NASA award would use an enclosed rocket engine and vacuum system to harvest water ice from the lunar surface

Two Natural-Language AI Algorithms Walk Into A Bar...

...And reveal some persistently bigoted tendencies of GPT-3

It’s (Still) Really Hard for Robots to Autonomously Do Household Chores

Something as simple as breakfast takes this PR2 90 minutes to set up and then clean, and it’s not always successful

Lethal Autonomous Weapons Exist; They Must Be Banned

It may not be too late to put the evil "Slaughterbots" genie back in the bottle, if the world acts now

Tencent’s New Wheeled Robot Flicks Its Tail To Do Backflips

Ollie’s wheels, legs, and tail allow it to balance, flip, manage stairs, and deliver coffee

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