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Research Areas


The goal of the Running Robot Project is twofold. On the one hand, an advanced control algorithm is being developed, which...see more.
Robot Fish
The scientific research focuses on biomimetic underwater robotic vehicles. The thrust of these underwater vehicles is caused due to...see more.

Medical and Micro Robotics

The goal of this research project is a novel haptic tele-manipulation environment. This includes an interface between...see more.
A novel micro-robotic platform is designed and developed. The micro-robot motion is induced by centrifugal forces...see more.
A novel five degrees of freedom (dof) haptic device is designed and developed as part of a medical training simulator. It consists of...see more

Robotics for Extreme Environments

The project aims at the dynamic modeling and the practical implementation of an autonomous dynamic positioning scheme, i.e.,...see more.
More info soon...see more.
Space Robotics
On Orbit Servicing (OOS) is a relatively new concept that aims at two important goals: (a) at an investment risk reduction through 
the...see more
HexaTerra will develop a novel solution to the problem that,...see more.

Telerobotics and Servohydraulic Simulators

The Sarcos Electrohydraulic Dexterous Teleoperation System is consisted of two ten-dof robotic manipulators, i.e. master and slave, which...see more.
The major goal of the research was to develop, test and design new control laws for electrohydraulic servos. The control schemes...see more.
More info TBC soon..see more

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