ARGOS – Agile multifunctional quadruped robot for all-terrain precision agriculture applications

  • Funded by: H.F.R.I. 
  • In cooperation with: University of Delaware (USA)
  • Reference Name: ARGOS
  • Period: December 2019 – June 2023 
  • More Information:

In this research program, we focus on fundamental research objectives that will allow bringing agile quadruped robots with inspection capabilities into the Precision Agriculture (PA) domain. To this end, the main objectives are: (a) design and develop the quadruped robot ARGOS featuring increased efficiency, agility, and stability. Special focus will be given to the design of its limbs and body so that actuation and control of the robot is facilitated. (b) design novel controllers (high, and low level) that guarantee system stability in the presence of disturbances, and that allow setting desired goals, and (c) develop a high-end perception and localization system enabling ARGOS to navigate successfully in vineyards and perform tasks such as vine monitoring.