INTELLICONT – Development and Manufacturing of Intelligent Lightweight Composite Aircraft Container

  • Funded by: EUROPEAN COMMISSION Horizon 2020 
  • In cooperation with: Scandinavian Avionics, U Patras, Prisma Electr., U Manchester, Acciona Co
  • Reference Name: INTELLICONT
  • Period: March 2018 – November 2021 
  • More Information: 

Air cargo has experienced tremendous growth, however air-cargo containers (ULDs) have not followed the technological advances of aircraft structures and systems. The main goal of the proposal was to develop, manufacture and validate a new intelligent lightweight aircraft cargo container with integrated functions for restraint, transportation, fire/smoke suppression, with sensing and wireless monitoring capabilities. A robotic platform developed by CSL was instrumental for moving ULDs to a desired position in the aircraft cargo compartment and automatic locking it. Operators can supervise the loading/unloading process through a HMI device. Substantial impact anticipated includes the reduction of aircraft payload and weight, safety, maintenance and lean aircraft operation processes.