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IEEE Spectrum

Multiferroic Memory Promises Low-Power, Instant-on Computing

Multiferroic memory device now operates at room temperature and requires less energy than competing devices

NTSB Raps Some Knuckles With Boeing Battery-Fire Report

Boeing, battery manufacturer, FAA criticized for lax standards that led to 2013 battery fire

Bringing HIV Labs by Backpack to Rural Africa

Diagnostic medicine goes mobile in Africa, thanks to new microfluidic tools

Build Your Own Enigma Cipher Machine

Alan Turing not included

Cars Weigh Too Much

Their weight-to-payload ratio is the worst since mahouts rode elephants

When Will We Have an Exascale Supercomputer?

2023 if we do it right; tomorrow if we do it crazy

Iowa Wants Smartphone App to Replace Driver's Licenses

Iowa's plan to allow digital driver's licenses may raise new privacy and security risks

Video Friday: Humanoid Waltz, Robot Sumo, and Happy Holidays!

Holiday robot videos and much more


Video Friday: Humanoid Waltz, Robot Sumo, and Happy Holidays!

Holiday robot videos and much more

Japanese Company Creating Robotic Action Figures

These action figures can pose themselves

RoboSimian Beats Out Surrogate for JPL's DRC Finals Spot

For the DRC Finals, JPL is betting on a robot that looks like a monkey over a robot that looks like a human

Video Friday: Giant Hexapod, Laser Snakes, and a Levitating Lamp

The best robot videos of the week

A Private Social Club for Silicon Valley VCs and Entrepreneurs? Simply Cuckoo.

VC aims to turn vacated Willow Garage robotics lab into a Silicon Valley version of the smoke-filled room

Artificial Muscles That Remember

Materials scientist combines artificial muscles and shape memory polymer for future sensors, robots, prosthetic limbs

Play With a Swarm of Robots at NYC's Museum of Mathematics

Museumgoers can watch behaviors emerge underfoot

iRobot Announces Create 2: An Updated, Hackable Roomba

The "pickup truck of educational robots" is available now for $199

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