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Ted Nelson on What Modern Programmers Can Learn From the Past

The inventor of hypertext talks about the birth of personal computing, the web, and how to think beyond the currently possible

Video Friday: Crawling Baby Robot, Tethered Drone, and New Intel RealSense

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

E-Skin Lets You Manipulate Objects in Real and Virtual Worlds

Researchers integrate magnetoelectronic sensors into electronic skin that tracks motion

5G New Radio and What Comes Next

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project has taken a big step toward future 5G networks

It’s Time for Electric Companies to Pivot

U.S. demand for electricity has slumped; utilities should shift their focus to renewables and efficiency consulting

Edison’s Phonograph

More than any other fruit of Edison’s fertile brain, this one was not merely useful but magical

German Scientists Create Ultrafast Robot Arms from DNA

DNA robotic systems move 100,000 times faster than previous systems

Efficient Control of AC Machines using Model-Based Development

This webinar is aimed at engineers who want to develop better-performing AC drives, faster – thus enabling use of motors that are smaller, lighter, quieter, more powerful, and consume less energy.


Video Friday: Crawling Baby Robot, Tethered Drone, and New Intel RealSense

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

Designing Customizable Self-Folding Swarm Robots

Researchers at UCSD demonstrate a self-folding robot designed to be customized and deployed in huge swarms

Harvard's milliDelta Robot Is Tiny and Scary Fast

It may be small, but it's one of the fastest moving robots we've ever seen

Stanford's AI Predicts Death for Better End-of-Life Care

Deep learning AI is helping screen for ill patients who could benefit from having end-of-life conversations earlier

KIT's ARMAR-6 Humanoid Will Help Humans Fix Other Robots

Need a hand? This humanoid robot can help

Microdrones That Cooperate to Transport Objects Could Be Future of Warehouse Automation

Teams of small quadrotors use just a camera and IMU to help each other transport cargo

CES 2018: The Rise of Drones

Learn about new drones, smart home gadgets, and mesh networks in this live broadcast from the CES show floor

CES 2018: The Best—and the Craziest—Gadgets of the Show

Autonomous luggage, personal airbags, and a machine that folds clothes caught this reporter's attention

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