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Douglas Coupland Analyzes Alcatel-Lucent in Kitten Clone

A search for meaning at a communications technology company

Super-Black Nanotube Coating Could Reveal Space Obscured by the Sun's Glare

Nanotube coating is poised to enable a compact coronagraph that could aid astronomers and weather satellites

Skyrmions: Communication With Magnetic Swirls Instead of Electrons

Will tiny magnetic islands connect qubits in future quantum computers?

Are Self-Driving Cars Really the Solution to Drunk Driving?

The answer, it seems, depends on what you call driving

Long Live the Copper Qubit!

Using chemistry to extend the life of qubits

Create a “Wheel of Excuses” With BASIC and the New Raspberry Pi

RISC OS and a retro language make hardware interfacing easy

Video Friday: Robot Racecar, Kilobot Display, and Humanoid Skin

Your end of the week robot videos

See-Through Sensors for Better Brain Implants

Graphene electronics are flexible and transparent enough to improve light-triggered brain control technique


Video Friday: Robot Racecar, Kilobot Display, and Humanoid Skin

Your end of the week robot videos

CyPhy Works' New Drone Fits in Your Pocket, Flies for Two Hours

A thin tether provides enough constant power and communications to this pocket-sized surveillance drone

UAVs Flex Their Artificial Muscles

Foldable, bendable actuators could lead to foldable, bendable UAVs that you can stuff into your pocket

How to Make a Steerable Robot With Just One Single Motor

One motor does it all for this little bot

Machine-Learning Maestro Michael Jordan on the Delusions of Big Data and Other Huge Engineering Efforts

Big-data boondoggles and brain-inspired chips are just two of the things we’re really getting wrong

Real Robots to Help Fight Ebola

Robots aren't ready to help fight ebola right now, but within a few months, they might be

Video Friday: Keecker Not a Robot, Drone Racing, and Robotics Tipping Point

Your weekly dose of robot videos

Yamaha Demos Agricultural RoboCopter, But Humans Can't Unleash It Yet

The agricultural market is ready for unmanned aerial vehicles: let’s unleash them

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