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Uh-oh Uber, Look Out Lyft: Here Comes Driverless Ride Sharing

Cruise unveils the Origin, a fully autonomous SUV designed for app-controlled urban transportation

The Long Goodbye of Wi-Fi Has Begun

Local 5G networks could replace the familiar wireless standard

Profile: Christian Wanamaker Teaches Robots to Learn How to Help Students

Teachers can train robots to help students with autism spectrum disorder with this programmer's code

The Pros and Cons of the World’s Biggest Solar Park

India’s 2-gigawatt Pavagada Solar Park demonstrates the economies, and problems, of scale

European Space Agency Targets Orbital Debris, Solar Storms

The ClearSpace-1 and Lagrange missions will try to make life safer both in orbit and here on Earth

Water Vortex Suction Feet Help This Hexapod Sploosh Up Walls

A spinning ring of water allows this robot to stick to rough surfaces

Coming Soon to a Processor Near You: Atom-Thick Transistors

Imec engineers have been burning through the integration problems, and there’s a clear path forward

Victoria Serrano Helps Panamanian Students Discover STEM Through Lego Robots

In marketplaces and rec rooms, this engineering professor inspires children


Video Friday: This Robot Refuses to Fall Down Even if You Hit, Shove It

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

Japanese Researchers Teaching Robots to Repair Themselves

Whether for maintenance or augmentation, robots that can use tools on themselves are more independent and capable

AI and the Future of Work: The Prospects for Tomorrow’s Jobs

MIT conference considers companies that have implemented job-friendly AI

Skydio 2 Review: This Is the Drone You Want to Fly

Flying this $999 obstacle-dodging drone is a magical experience

For Centuries, People Dreamed of a Machine That Could Produce Language. Then OpenAI Made One

OpenAI’s GPT-2 program churns out natural language that’s remarkably coherent—and that’s a problem

Robot Gift Guide 2019

Over a dozen robots that we promise will make fantastic holiday gifts

How Boston Dynamics Is Redefining Robot Agility

An exclusive look at the world’s most dynamic robots

Help Rescuers Find Missing Persons With Drones and Computer Vision

A new contest aims to help first responders leverage computer vision algorithms and drone imagery during a search

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