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Ultra-quick Cameras Reveal How to Catch a Light Pulse Mid-Flight

The latest in ultra-high-speed lasers and super-swift cameras pull off the previously impossible

COVID's Unlikely Offspring: The Rise of Smartwatch as Illness Detector

Researchers are stretching the capabilities of smartwatches to track illnesses from COVID-19 to Crohn's disease

Video Friday: Nanotube-Powered Insect Robots

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

Samsung’s 3-nm Tech Shows Nanosheet Transistor Advantage

Nanosheet devices allow tuning of memory cell design in a way FinFETs can’t

In the Race to Hundreds of Qubits, Photons May Have "Quantum Advantage"

Canadian startup Xanadu says their quantum computer is cloud-accessible, Python programmable, and ready to scale

Why Electronic Health Records Haven't Helped U.S. With Vaccinations

Covid-19 has laid bare crippling interoperability issues

What Full Autonomy Means for the Waymo Driver

For self-driving vehicles, full autonomy might not be quite as full as you think

How Much Energy Does It Take to Grow a Tomato?

Heat, light, and water all contribute to the tomato’s enormous energy footprint


Visible Touch: How Cameras Can Help Robots Feel

Computer vision combined with deep learning can replicate the sense of touch in some social robots

Using AI to Find Essential Battery Materials

As battery demand soars, researchers are turning to artificial intelligence for more effective and sustainable methods

Review: DJI’s New FPV Drone is Effortless, Exhilarating Fun

It can be a little scary to fly, but DJI’s FPV drone is a solid, easy to use intro to an otherwise very challenging and expensive sport

Meet Catfish Charlie, the CIA’s Robotic Spy

The evolution of underwater robots from smart torpedoes to surveillance fish

Video Friday: A Blimp For Your Cat

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

AI Teaches Itself Diplomacy

Another classic game deepens a skillset with broad applications—diplomatic savvy often needed in a pinch, crunch, or imbroglio

When Robots Enter the World, Who Is Responsible for Them?

We asked ANYbotics, Boston Dynamics, and Clearpath Robotics about irresponsible or unethical use of their robots

Search-and-Rescue Drone Locates Victims By Homing in on Their Phones

SARDO is a drone that flies over disaster zones and acts as a mobile cellular base

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