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Robert Malkin: MacGyvering Medical Gear

He is inspiring students to tackle urgent problems in the developing world

Brian Monks: Keeping Bogus Electronics Out of Consumers’ Hands

This engineer at Underwriters Labs is a counterfeiter’s worst nightmare

Ashok Gadgil: The Humanitarian Inventor

His work on water purification, cookstoves, and arsenic removal has helped tens of millions of people worldwide

Manuela Veloso: RoboCup’s Champion

This roboticist has transformed robot soccer into a global phenomenon

Eben Upton: The Raspberry Pi Pioneer

He just wanted to help some kids learn to code. Five million units later, his $35 computer has sparked a revolution

Optical Nanosensor Production Only Needs CDs, Tape, and Aluminum

Optical nanosensor film can attach to human skin, detect motion and chemicals

Android Phone's Battery Use Can Reveal User Location

U.S. and Israeli researchers show how Android phones can be tracked by power use

ISPs, Lobbyists, and Everybody Else React to FCC Net Neutrality Decision

Net neutrality rules decried and praised


Manuela Veloso: RoboCup’s Champion

This roboticist has transformed robot soccer into a global phenomenon

Video Friday: AI Arcade, iCub on One Leg, and Robot Head in Your Kitchen

The best robot videos of the week are right here

Sony Halts Support for Aibo, Still One of the Best Robot Toys Ever

If you have an Aibo, now is the time to start taking very good care of it

Google AI Learns Classic Arcade Games From Scratch, Would Probably Beat You at Them

Deep learning artificial intelligence that plays Space Invaders could inspire better search, translation, and mobile apps

Robotnik Enters Mobile Manipulator Market With RB-1

Now is an excellent time to be in the market for a mobile manipulator

Poker-Playing AIs Today, Skynet Tomorrow

Making computers unbeatable at Texas Hold 'em could lead to big breakthroughs in artificial intelligence

The Way to Make Delivery Drones Work Is Using...Trucks?

A company wants to integrate drones into its trucks to make short deliveries semi-autonomously

Aldebaran Robotics Founder and CEO Steps Down, SoftBank Appoints New Leader

Aldebaran Robotics has just announced that its founder and CEO Bruno Maisonnier is stepping down

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