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Developing Purpose-Built & Turnkey RF Applications

ThinkRF D4000 RF Downconverter extends RF test equipment for 5G

Meet the Volocity

The choice of simplicity, for instance (such as direct-drive motors and fixed pitch rotors) makes the solution less costly to manufacture, more reliable (less expensive maintenance and easier to certify), lighter, so more economical and less noisy

Save Time with Ready-To-Use Measurements

Wasting time setting up measurements?

LEMO-The Sky Is the Limit

Air taxis and Volocopter

Why Small Business Owners Should Consider Life Insurance

Thinking about starting your own consulting business? Or maybe you have already “opened” your business doors?

How an Australian State Fought Back Against Grid-Sparked Wildfires

After the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires, Victoria rejected forced power outages and initiated sweeping grid upgrades that continue today

New Scottish Tartan Reflects the Colors of IEEE

The city of Glasgow designed the tartan to honor 30 years of hosting IEEE conferences

Lithium-Sulfur Battery Project Aims to Double the Range of Electric Airplanes

Bye Aerospace is working with batteries from Otis Energy to hit the magic mark of 500 watt-hours/kilogram


Andrey Markov & Claude Shannon Counted Letters to Build the First Language-Generation Models

Shannon's said: “OCRO HLI RGWR NMIELWIS”

The Blogger Behind "AI Weirdness" Thinks Today's AI Is Dumb and Dangerous

Janelle Shane talks about the absurdity, perils, and limits of AI

China Says Its Mars Landing Technology Is Ready for 2020

Spacecraft propulsion systems are ready for China’s daring touchdown attempt on the red planet

What Is the Uncanny Valley?

Creepy robots and the strange phenomenon of the uncanny valley: definition, history, examples, and how to avoid it

Harvard's UrchinBot Is One of the Weirdest Looking Robots We've Ever Seen

The unique body and locomotion strategies of echinoderms inspired this robot that emulates a juvenile sea urchin

Trump CTO Addresses AI, Facial Recognition, Immigration, Tech Infrastructure, and More

Michael Kratsios, the fourth U.S. Chief Technology Officer, explains administration policies at the Fall Conference of the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

Microsoft's AI Research Draws Controversy Over Possible Disinformation Use

Microsoft's AI could enable its popular chatbot to comment on news, but critics see a tool for spreading disinformation

We're at IROS 2019 to Bring You the Most Exciting Robotics Research From Around the World

As always, our coverage will feature the coolest, weirdest, and most interesting things that we find at this massive robotics conference

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