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Nanoscale Wireless Communication Operates at Visible Wavelengths for the First Time

Plasmonic nanoantennas are 60 percent faster than previous plamsonic waveguides

Setting a Land Speed Record with a Sidecar Motorcycle

Kevin Clemens built this electric sidecar motorcycle to set a world record on the salt flats of Bonneville

DIY Emergency Button: Hack a Nike+iPod Sport Kit to Create an Elder Alert System

Some inexpensive components can replace pricey commercial services

Video Friday: Octopus Robot, Solar Drone, and Humanoid Neck Test

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

Carbon Nanotube-Based Sensor Detects Toxins With a Mobile Phone

Carbon nanotubes wrapped in a polymer offer a powerful sensing platform for many chemicals

Why Should Engineers Give Themselves Awards?

Because engineers look good in evening wear (and so does the profession)

Real-Time Crowd Simulator Could Help Prevent Deadly Stampedes

System collects real-time crowd data to help authorities predict and head off tragic stampedes that have left hundreds dead

Tackling Air Quality Prediction in South Africa With Machine Learning

IBM is expanding its machine learning technology to predicting air quality from China to South Africa


Video Friday: Octopus Robot, Solar Drone, and Humanoid Neck Test

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

Flying Parrot's Disco Drone: An Enormous Amount of Almost-Affordable Fun

Parrot's Disco drone is incredibly easy to fly and comes with an impressive autopilot and FPV included

Parrot's Disco Drone Lets You Take to the Sky in Immersive FPV

Parrot officially releases Disco, a smart and sophisticated fixed-wing drone with a full FPV kit

Festo's Fantastical Flying Robots

Festo's chief pilot gives us a private demo of its eMotionButterfly, AirJelly, and AirPenguin

Video Friday: Robo Foosball, Fetch Snackbot, and Europa Submarine

Your weekly selection of awesome robot videos

NASA's Space Robotics Challenge: The Tasks, the Prizes, and How to Participate

The competition starts with teams operating a robot in a simulated Martian dust storm

GOAT Robot Leg Demonstrates Explosive Jumping

Inspired by mountain goats, this novel robotic leg could result in robots that move in completely new ways

Robot Octopus Points the Way to Soft Robotics With Eight Wiggly Arms

A squishy underwater robot with limbs that bend in every direction requires unusual control strategies

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